What do you buy when you go on a journey? Magnets, t-shirts, cups...? Mesopotamia is very different from this aspect. You can buy handcrafts having mother of pearl inlaid, kerchiefs, silk weavings or a bin of pickle of fresh vegetables of the region at the end of your journey.

If you come by Adıyaman, you should definitely visit Oturakçı Bazaar in city centre. You can find handcraft products peculiar to the region such as carpets, rugs, cicim, purses and saddlebags in this historical bazaar. Your shopping list should include dozens of souvenirs related to Nemrut that is the symbol of Adıyaman, church khelas or muska desserts, or the unique Adıyaman tobacco.

If you say "I need to buy something that is not available somewhere else", we recommend you to buy pickle types made by Sait Usta with very fresh vegetables in city center. If the season is appropriate, you can buy a crate of delicious grapes that are collected from Besni yards.

Hand woven angora wool blanket, fabrics inlaid with brilliant silk tinsels, embroideries of pinking, laces and canvases, wool bootees, saddlebags, all colours of wool socks peculiar to the region... Welcome to Hasankeyf.

You will be ambivalent about buying which one of those handcrafts that will welcome you there. Let us not forget woodworks peculiar to Hasankeyf; mortars, miniature cradles and cages. We assure you that you cannot find that much of detailed features together in anywhere else.

Now we are in Diyarbakır. Several handcrafts still exist here; jewellery, sericulture, coppersmith... Straw wristbands, cilantros, neckbands, clogs, and drawers inlaid with silver will definitely fascinate you. Silk fabrics, handkerchiefs and of course silk headscarves. Do not forget to buy for your friends too.

We have a recommendation for you if your route also includes Gaziantep that, thanks to its markets, inns and bazaars, resists the culture of shopping malls. Bring an empty luggage with you because you will need it to carry the products you will buy!

We don't know where to start; mother of pearl inlaid goods, shawls, woven fabrics, copper products, neckerchiefs, slippers, handcrafts that are called as Antep works, carpets, kerchiefs that are produced from quality pure leather in Almacı Bazaar and copper works.

You need to buy some of magnificent tastes of Gaziantep if you visit there. First baklava, of course, then katmer. After that, scrumptious spices, dried eggplants, peppers, zahter, and of course Antep pistachio. Bet you will come back again for shopping.

A long shopping list will be waiting for you when you go to Kilis. Craftwork quilts, kerchiefs, olive oil, various kinds of spices, and copper products will make it difficult for you to choose which.  You should definitely buy some delicacies such as the paradise mud, Kilis kahke, soap, black grape, turpentine, gerebiç, nutty grape sausage, Kilis katmer and baklava, Kilis çubuk, and zahter… so your feast will continue after you back...

The first thing you need to do in Mardin is to buy filigree that is a thousand years of handcraftsmanship of the region. You should definitely buy those very beautiful jewelleries that are shaped in the hands of masters. Amper rosaries, fabrics, neckerchiefs, headscarves, copper products are also the ones that you need to see.

You can also buy kakuleli coffee, turpentine coffee, sugared almond, arbane, cinnamon bread, and bıttım soap in Mardin. P.S.: Remember to drink and buy a couple of bottles of Syriac wine before you leave Mardin.

Delicious Siirt pistachio should be on top of the list of "things to be bought in Siirt". Bıttım soap, Pervari karakovan honey, Siirt cheese, jirkan rug, liquorice root, walking stick, and Siirt blankets can be bought in Siirt. You can also buy especially unique Pervari honey.

We know that you will buy "isot" (Red Peppers) in Şanlıurfa, but let us remind anyway. Remember other tastes that you can buy in Urfa. Tomato paste, pistachio, dry vegetables should definitely be bought.

Carpets, rugs, furs, felts, shawls peculiar to Şanlıurfa, fabrics, copper gifts with eye-catching in Terziler Çarşısı (Tailors’ Market), İplikçi Çarşısı (Thread Bazaar), Tüccar Pazarı (Traders’ Bazaar) and Gümrük Hanı that is one of the oldest trade centres of the city.

You can also buy Şırnak rug, silk carpets, motived socks, horse saddlebags, hand laced products, shawls, şapik, honey, and Şırnak walking stick when you visit Şırnak.

Mesopotamia promises an utterly different shopping experience as well as its all other beauties. Come, see and experience it all…