Deyrulzafaran Monastery

Deyrülzafaran Monastery that is one of the most important religion centers of Assyrian belief, and that takes its name from saffron flower that was used in its construction, is 5 km far away from Mardin and located on hillside watching Upper Mesopotamia.

The monastery that became the residence place for Assyrian Orthodox Patriarchs for 640 years until 1932, was composed of three floors. The structure gained its current position in 18th century with the additions that were made in various times beginning from 5th century. 

The monastery was built on a structure that was used as a Sun Temple Before Christian Era and as a castle that was used as Romans. When Romans receded from the region, Mor Şleymun brought the bones of some Saints here and he transformed the castle into monastery.

Deyrülzafaran Monastery drawing the attention with domes, belted pillars, wood engravings, indoor and outdoor stone vignettes, was one of the religion education centres of Assyrian Church for long years. Petrus 4th is the person who introduced the printing for the first time, and served as patriarch in this monastery, and he died in 1895.  He brought a printing machine to the monastery in 1876 that he bought from England in 1874. Several books especially in Assyrian, Arabic, Ottoman and Turkish language have been written until 1969 in printing machine and a monthly published journal called as 'Öz Hikmet' was pressed until 1953. Some of the books remained from pressing machine are exhibited in the monastery whereas some of them are exhibited in Kırklar Church in Mardin.

Monastery is still one of the most important religion centres of Assyrian Church. Deyrülzafaran Monastery that is the residence place of metropolitan Mardin, is heavily visited by Assyrian that spread into all corners of the world. Monastery complex is open for visitors except for praying hours.

There is a visitor center in the monastery in which you can drink Assyrian coffee or zafaran tea and watch the fertile plain and monastery by eating kiliçe. You can also find souvenirs related to the church.