Ancient City of Doliche is one of the oldest settlements in the world with its history dating back to 6000 B.C.

Flintstone tools and the workshops in which such tools were made were found in southern terraces of the ancient city that was used in Lower Palaeolithic Period. These stone tools, which have a specific feature, are referred to as "dülükien" in the archaeology literature. Based on these remnants, Dülük is one of the oldest settlements in the world dating back to 6000 B.C. 

It is the cult (religion) center of the beliefs of Dülük, Teshup (Hittite Empire Period), Zeus (Hellenistic Period) and Jupiter Dolikhenos (Roman Period). Actually these three gods describe the powerful air god of the sky and their depictions are very similar to each other.

Dülük, where remnants are being monitored today, is a remainder of Doliche that was a Roman city. Doliche is the sacred city of Roman God Jupiter Dolikhenos. Jupiter Dolikhenos cult was adopted and respected by the Roman soldiers. The soldiers used to hang the small statuettes of Jupiter Dolikhenos on their neck and spread this religion up to Rome.

Furthermore, Mithras belief was also available in Dülük. The largest two of Mithraism Temples that were built underground were revealed in Dülük. The rituals where sacrificial of a bull, as the most powerful animal of nature, drinking and bathing in its blood to acquire the power of the god, were all conducted in these underground temples. There lies an artefact embossment displaying the scene of sacrificial of a bull, called Tauroktoni, on the niche at the position of the mihrab of an underground temple having two halls in the largest Mithraeum in Doliche.

Mithras is one of the most mysterious beliefs. Mithras mysticism has been formed around a secret that was revealed to people who are accepted for this religion. Since the essence of Mithras religion is secret, there is not any written document belonging to this doctrine.

If you visit Gaziantep, you should visit this ancient city that is full of secrets!