Historic Besni

If you visit Adıyaman, it would not be appropriate to go back without seeing Besni that is one of the oldest settlements of the region.

Drawing the attention of everyone for being one of the oldest settlements of Southeast Anatolia with its history dating back to 5,000 B.C., Besni is known to be an industrial and commercial city for centuries. For the fact that its structure is fairly convenient for defending and that it has a tremendous castle, it plays an important role together with its location on Aleppo Commerce Road.

Besni has always kept its attractiveness with its moist and forested lands. Therefore, it took the name of Bethesna, Bihicti, Bisni and lastly Besni which are thought to mean "Equivalent of Heaven”.

Ancient Besni Archaeological Site that is located in 4-5 km south of district of Besni, Grand Mosque integrating Besni Castle, Külhanönü Mosque, mosques and minarets such as Tokatmış Mosque, Turkish bath, remnant of Bekir Bey Külliye (social complex) the fountain, other külliye facilities, bridges and market remnants, all have quite an attractive view.

Besni Castle is located on a sharp hill three edges of which are surrounded with steep rocks. People can climb to the castle only through a steep hillside from south. Besni Castle is very convenient for defending, which is still standing proud with its catapults and other structural components, waiting to host its guests.

There are two large structures on the Western part of the castle, which were built facing each other and reminding of a monument. It is thought among the residents that the prisoners were used as a threat to be displayed to the enemy between these two catapults that are called 'Çifte Mancınık' (Double Catapult).

There are structures such as Sofraz Tumulus, Kızılin Bridge and Obelisk (Sesönk) that are the most important monumental structures of Kingdom of Commagene around the Ancient Besni.