Old Kilis

Old Kilis reminds a tale city that is full with daylight with its architectural structure, adjacent regulation houses and narrow streets.  The houses in Kilis are yard-type, having stone architecture tradition. These yard-type houses are called as "havış" in local language. All the places are opening to the yard. Iwans called as Livan also look towards these yards that are full of flowers. The rooms have high ceilings, they have sticks inside, some of them are adorned with colorful hand-drawn and the walls are covered with rich wooden works. Windows and bird windows on it are opening to the yard.

It is surrounded with narrow, devious blind streets on stone walls with limited number of windows, alcoves and ivies. The most beautiful one of these streets is obviously Salih Efendi Street and Akıncılar Street with ivy alcoves, gates with flowers and children playing on the streets cheerfully.

Handcraft products shaped by masters take place also in Eski Kilis in 'Sabah Pazarı' (Morning Bazaar) that is inherited until today. Quilt makers, hand-printed head scarf makers, dessert sellers and others resist against time in "Sabah Pazarı..."

Old Kilis is also a homeland of martyr reverends. There are two symbolic graves in memory of martyr cemetery that used to be located here, in Odunpazarı Road. According to what people told, in the past the residents in Kilis used to take out their shoes and hold them as they were passing by this place as barefoot, in order to show their respect to the sacred martyrs.