Modern City of Ancient Lands: Batman

Area: 4694 Km2

Population: 566,633

# of Districts: 5

Districts: Batman, Kozluk, Sason, Beşiri, Gercüş, Hasankeyf

Elevation: 550 meters

Primary resources: Tourism, Energy, Petroleum, Tourism

Handicraft: Rug and carpet weaving, wool sock, fabric clothing

There are highways connecting to Batman from across Turkey.

There are regular flights from and to Batman Airport.

Kurtalan Express Railway also passes through Batman city centre.

Şabut Fish on Tigris coast.


Blanching and Roasting, available 24/7

Ribs cooked on wood fire

Stuffed meatballs or, as people of Batman say, Kütülk

World cuisine at Batman TPO

Harmal products sold by young and cheerful girls

100% natural Sason Honey

Sason flower having a spectacular fragrance

Have a meal on Tigris coast while watching Hasankeyf and wetting your feet in water.

Sympathise with the grief of Hasankeyf.

Have a journey of Tigris on the sands of time at Batman Museum.

Visit Sason and Mt. Mereto.

Watch the iron horses.

Wave a greeting to Garzan Watercourse, hill towns and domes.

Visit Mor Kiryakus Monastery.

Laying the foundations of computers, a man of science and technique, the inventor of 60 machines such as robots, clocks, water machines, combination locks, combination safes, thermos, automatic toys and the first cybernetic scientist in the world, one of the most important scientists of his period; Ebul-Iz El Cezeri prepared the projects of robots and automatic ablution machine in Hasankeyf which is famous for its religious facilities. Batman is an Oghuz Turkmen Principality that reigned over Principality of Artuqids, Mardin, Hasankeyf and Harput regions between 1102 and 1409. It is also known as “Principality of Artukogullari.” Artuqids, Hasankeyf and Amid were administrated via three sections as Mardin, Meyyarfarikin and Harput. Then, they were under the sovereignty of Anatolian Seljuk, Eyyubi and Mongolian respectively, and they were overthrown by Karakoyunlus in 1409. Artuqids left unforgettable marks in Mesopotamia and Anatolia with their monumental artefacts which were built by their extraordinary delicacy, fair administration and contributions made to Islamology although they reigned for a very short period of time.

The story of Batman does not date back to ancient history. Batman was a small village namely İluh in 1930s, which started to develop rapidly when petroleum started to be extracted in Batman for the first time in Turkey, and it became a city in 1990.  In other words, Batman was reborn with petroleum.  It is possible to see iron horses (Oil Rigs) everywhere including mountains, lowlands and waysides in Raman where more than 450 oil wells are available.

Although Batman city center is a new settlement, it is known to include settlements nearby since prehistoric eras.   İluh Village where Batman was firstly established, is actually a hill town. It is possible to find ten thousand years of history of the region in Kuriki Hill Town throughout İluh, Hallan Çemi and Garzan and in Sumaki Hill Town, Gre Amer and various hill towns and in Hasankeyf Hill Town.

Protecting the rich historical background in the soils where Tigris flows, and Hasankeyf which comes to mind, Batman is a natural beauty with its thousands of caves and historical monuments.  İçkale, Tomb of Zeynel Bey, Sason Canyon, Mor Kiryakus Monastery and Batman Museum are unique historical and cultural values that are waiting to be discovered.

With delicious food and many of the historical assets primarily Hasankeyf which it hosts, hospitable residents and the modern city center alongside which a thousand years of history to find, Batman awaits more visitors.


Here we are in Batman… In the homeland of Mervanis, Artuqids Ayyubids and Akkoyunlus. In a fertile land thanks to the Tigris, known for its monasteries, canyons and castles, reserving historical, cultural and natural beauties...

Hasankeyf springs to mind when it comes to Batman.  As an old city engraved onto stones, Hasankeyf historicises itself as if it engraved all the glamour of Mesopotamia onto its worn body.

Hasankeyf stands the seal of the past, affixed on the heart of Mesopotamia...

Should there be any place worthy for a title of “the place where time stops”,

that place should be definitely Hasankeyf...

İçkale, Tomb of Zeynel Bey, Sason Canyon, Mor Kiryakus Monastery, Batman Museum are among the points of interest in Sason, the northernmost reach of the Arabic language.

But you should definitely have a look at the magnificent beauty of Mesopotamia with a hot cup of tea in Hasankeyf.  You will feel the ‘time actually stop.'