About Us

Gap Regional Development Administration, With Tourism Oriented Promotion and Branding Project, it is aimed to increase the ''brand value'' of the region through accelerating GAP region's economic, social, and cultural development.

Within the scope of the project, Tourism-Oriented Promotion and Branding Office was established in 2014 by GAP Regional Development Administration with the aim of evaluating cultural and touristic practices in GAP region through a fruitful and integrative approach not at the province level but at a regional level; enabling coordination among related organizations and institutions; establishing tourism attraction center at a regional scale; diversifying the tourism of GAP region; creating alternative tourism areas; promoting other types of tourism besides cultural and spiritual tourism; increasing tourism income of the region through initiating branding activities; and creating employment that is tourism-oriented.

The project team prepares the Promotion and Branding Action Plan, creates tourism destinations, organizes tourism stakeholders, packs different types of regional tourism, markets tourism types to travel agencies, prepares GAP provinces' tourism promotion materials, and develops GAP Region digital city system and web portal.

This web portal that you are visiting right now is one of the most significant outputs of Promotion and Branding Office.

Organizational Structure of the Project

The General Coordinator Yaşar Yetkin for GAP-RDA, ÇKT Coordinator M. Suphi Özer, Project Coordinator Serap Uzer, YYA Unit Supervisor Semih Dengi for GAP-RDA Regional Directorate

Promotion and Branding Office: Project Coordinator Dr. Jale Velibeyoğlu, Branding Expert Önder Cırık, Tourism Marketing Experts Kasım Bağlam and Derviş Oduncu, Urban Planner Leyla Akbıyık, Web Design Expert Ahmet Tabanlıoğlu, Project Assistants İbrahim Halil Kılıç and Reyhan Şahinkuş, Project Secretary Aslı Şahin, Transportation and Support Personnel Muhammed Çakır, Office Personnel Mütevekkil Buyruk.