Malabadi Bridge

Malabadi Bridge has the largest belt among the stone bridges in the world, with its belt at 40 meters of wideness. The bridge that was repaired in 1147, is composed of three different sections as broken lines and at different lengths. There are human, lion and sun figures in the South front of the bridge.

Albert Gabriel who is an architect and pilgrim, wrote about this bridge as "This kind of a work of art is both admirable and considerable in this kind of an age where modern static calculation was not available. The dome of Hagia Sophia can be placed under this bridge".

A legend is told about the name of Malabadi Bridge:

Malabadi that remained from Marwanids period, takes its name from Bad who built the bridge when his girlfriend died in the waters under the bridge. Badi falls in love with a girl living at the opposite coast of the river. There is not any bridge on the river, Badi cannot reach the girl he loves. Each of them speaks from the coast of the river to another. One day, the girl tries to reach Badi but she goes down under water without reaching him. Young Badi cannot find his girlfriend despite of all rescue efforts.

Badi goes to Meya Farqin who was the Silvan Beyi of that period and says "My girlfriend suffocated while trying to come to me". Let us build a bridge here and then people can easily pass the bridge and reach the people they love.  Staff of Silvan Bey builds until the half of the bridge but the arch span of the bridge seems to be bigger than the dome of Hagia Sophia Mosque in İstanbul. Bey calls Bad and asks whether he can complete the building of the bridge or not. Badi says that he can complete it on condition that "If I complete the half of the bridge, I will cut your hand from your wrist level." Silvan Bey admits that he will cut his own hand if Bad cannot complete the building of the bridge. Both of them accept the conditions and Badi starts to complete the remaining part of the bridge. Badi completes the remaining part of the bridge, and cuts the right hand of Silvan Bey from the wrist level. Then, the bridge is called as 'Malabadi' by compounding the words 'mal' (house) in Kurdish language and Badi.