Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum is the first place that you need to visit in Old Mardin in 1st Street. Built as a patriarchate center dependent on Church of Virgin Mary in 1895, the building was restored in 1988 and was put into operation in 1995 as a museum.

Made of yellowish limestone, with double entrances, three-layered museum is one of the most important museums in Turkey with its unique stone ornaments on vaults, arches and column heads both inside and outside and its artefacts in its collection. Mesopotamia Plain hosts you with magnificent landscape when you watch it from terrace.

The museum hosts the artefacts dating back between 4000 B.C. and 700 B.C. The tablets, ceramic works, silver and copper coins, stamp and cylindrical seals, oil-lamps, tear bottles, jewellery and various findings from Earlier Bronze, Assur, Urartu, Greek, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Artuqid and Ottoman periods of Northern Mesopotamia and South-eastern Anatolia cultures are among exhibited artefacts In addition to necklaces, earring, bangle, fronton, hair accessory which are the examples of silver business that is peculiar to Mardin and Midyat, old clothes, swords, coffee teams, Turkish bath belongings, prayer beads, heating tools and copper goods are also exhibited Mardin Museum.

You can read a book in Mardin library. The stone and ceramic works of art belong to Mesopotamia civilizations dating back until Assyrians, Byzantines, Artuqids, Ottoman Empire are exhibited in the outdoor area in the entrance floor of the museum. In this floor there is a place called "Archaeological Museum Training Hall" composed within the perception of souvenir shop, cafeteria and contemporary museology. Visitors of the museum can participate in several workshop activities such as pressing metallic money of Ottoman Empire, rubia tinctorum printing and ceramic making.

Archaeopark and amphi theatre of 500 people take place in the yard in south of the museum building. Museum trainings are provided for children and several activities are organized for adults in Archaeopark.