Midyat is one of the most interesting places of Mesopotamia in terms of architecture. Midyat reminding of a Medieval city with its gradually rising stone mansions, abbaras, bell towers, is composed of two sections as Estel in which Arabs live in and historical Midyat in which Assyrians live in.

Midyat houses and mansions are as if composed of historical books and tales. Internal parts of Midyat houses, which are more elaborate than Mardin houses, are just as meticulous as external parts.

Midyat residents occupy in silver and viticulture works for approximately two thousand years. It is possible to find Assyrian wine that is produced here with traditional methods and cardamom coffee in Midyat bazaar which are the best examples of filigree.

Mor Şimuni Church that is a metropolitan church of Midyat from 9th century, Mar Barsavmo Church built on the foundation of a church in 4th century and Mor Şarbel Church built as the latest church in 1950 in Midyat, still offer service for Christian congregation.

Grand Mosque built in 1800 in Midyat, Hacı Abdurrahman Mosque built in 1915 and Cevat Paşa Mosque built in 1925 are the places that you need to visit.

Deyrul Umur Monastery (Mor Gabriel) that is the most popular and largest structures of Assyrian archaic congregation, is located 18 km east to Midyat district. The foundations of the monastery were laid by Mor Samuel from Samur and Mor Şemun from Kartmin in 397 A.D. Additional changes were made inside and outside the monastery at different times.

A privilege was granted for this monastery to be protected with the command of Prophet Ömer when Arab-Islam army entered into the region in 640 A.D.  We also know that the monastery had a very wealthy library at those dates.

The dwellings and pray halls commissioned by Mor Samuel during the period of King Arcadius (395-408), memorial house for sarcophagi during the period of King Theodosius (405- 450), Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) Church, Resuller Church, Kırkşehit Church, Temple of Mor Samuel, Theodore Dome due to the king’s daughter was treated by Mor Samuel, Mor Slemun Church and Grand Church commissioned by the King Anastasius in 512 were built in the monastery as a Metropolitan centre between 615 and 1049. The structure today still protects its legendary works of art having magnificent architectural examples.

Tur Abdin "Kul Dağı" (Servant Mountain) region in Midyat, witnessed an intensive settlement of monastery especially in 4th century.

Gülgöze (Aynverd) Village and Mar Had Bşabo Church in the village, Altıntaş (Kferze) village and glorious Mar Izozel Church, Anıtlı (Hah) Village, Church of the Virgin Mary that might be the oldest active church of Turkey and maybe of the world, Barıştepe (Salah) Village and Mor Yakup Church from Early Byzantine Period; İzbırakan (Zaz) Village and Church that reminds a little Toscana and a little Cappadocia and Tur-Abdin are beautiful places that you need to see.