Mor Evgin Monastery

Mor Evgin Monastery is located on an uphill of Bagok Mountain in Nusaybin district of Mardin. This monastery is estimated to have been built before 363 A.D. and it resembles Sümela Monastery.

The monastery that is known as “Deyr-Marog” among people, is composed of old cave structures in the region. The monastery that is called as 'the Second Jerusalem' for the Syriac people, is on a dominant position over the Mesopotamia Plains.

Corinth pillars and headings were found in some places of the structure. The church the ceiling of which is pretty high on the north part of the structure, is surrounded with a monumental grave having doorsteps to go down under the structure, and a dome brick lies on south part of it.

Construction of the monastery pioneered for the establishment of other monasteries in the region.