Mor Kiryakus Monastery

Mor Kiryakus Monastery is located in Ayrancı Village of Beşiri district, which is a three-floored structure with its floor extending through underground tunnels, built on approximately 2.5 of decares of area. It has a rectangular-shaped look from the outside, and there are two large square plans from the inside, a closed courtyard and rooms behind the flying buttress around the yard.

Located on three edges of Turabdin Region that is regarded as sacred by Syriac Christians, Mor Kiryakus Monastery is an important place among other monasteries. There are nearly 80 churches in this region, and the monastery is one of the first monasteries of the region paving the way for the construction of new monasteries. 

The monastery that is thought to have been built in 457 A.D. was operated until 1940s; and the priests who completed their training here and obtained the title of ‘priest’, were appointed as an archpriest to other churches in Turabdin Region. Since the community was not available in the village, the artefacts were left in Mor Gabriel Monastery. Restoration and cleaning works are still going on.