The City of Mosaics: Gaziantep

Area: 6,222 km²

Population: 1,931,836

# of Districts: 9

Districts: Gaziantep, Araban, İslahiye, Karkamış, Nizip, Oğuzeli, Nurdağı, Şahinbey, Şehitkamil, Yavuzeli

Elevation: 850 meters

Primary Resources: Tourism, Agriculture, Industry, Energy, Commerce, Animal Husbandry

Handicrafts: Inlaid nacre, Coppersmith, Kutnuculuk, aba weaving, hand-printed head scarves selling, Antep-style embroidery works, Antep-style rug works, cube works, jewellery (Golden-Silver)

Gaziantep has highway connections from all across Turkey.

Brought into service in 1976, Gaziantep Airport receives regular flights.

Beyran soup

Lamb river (cağırtlak) kebab

Sugary katmer with cream, full of milled pistachio

All kinds of Gaziantep kebabs especially Ali Nazik and Yeni Dünya Kebab

Of course baklava, baklava with carrot slices, şöbiyet, dolama, and kadayif with pistachio.

Pepper, eggplant, pumpkin, dry gherkin

Chili pepper, dry powdered thyme (for tea), powdered thyme for breakfast, haspir (a kind of saffron)

Halva with sesame oil, fruit leather, sweet sausage


All sorts of baklava


Kutnu weaving

A pair of kerchief

Copper style

A nacreous souvenir

Taste the black mulberries between the statues in Yesemek Outdoor Museum.

Visit the city of Goddess Kubaba.

Visit Zeugma Museum, then read villa graphities in Zeugma archaeological site, daydream, then take a comfy seat on kline.

Wave a sailor’s greeting to Rumkale on vessels.

Have crazy fun with your children in Zoo and Adventure Park, try to make perfume in Islamic Arts Museum.

Lose yourself on old Antep streets and inns.

First watch how baklava is made, then taste the baklavas prepared.

You can spend time with your family in Harikalar Diyarı (Wonderland); and Erikçe Ski Track and Adventure Park with youngsters. Also the Zoo, in Gaziantep, is the largest area of protection of natural life and recreation area of Turkey, where you can spend time at.

Did you know the fact that the kerchiefs that were used in Troy and Harry Potter movies, have been produced in Gaziantep?

You should absolutely visit Terminal Restaurant located in Gaziantep Railroad Terminal that is closed right now. Rest assured that you will have a unique experience in the atmosphere and the tastes it presents.

Gaziantep is the heart of "copper ehlikeyf" that is known by people who like to drink turkish raki. There is a chamber in the centre of ehlikeyif in which the raki glass can fit into. There is a circle around it, in which ice can be put. Raki does not get warmer thanks to ehlikeyf, and raki always keeps its balance since the ice is not put into the raki itself. Copper is preferred in the production of ehlikeyf, due to its conductive characteristics.

Gaziantep is a tale that should be experienced, and it embraced a variety of civilizations for generations with its history, remarkable tastes and original culture.

Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans... All lived and died here, and engraved their traces on this city. Gaziantep is located on historical Silk Road, and has been the centre of culture and trade in all periods on this conjunction of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean.

Evliya Çelebi is a famous traveller, who defined Gaziantep as the "apple of the eye of the world" and stated the following:

“No language nor any pen is enough to describe this city. This is a Şehr-i Ayntap Cihan, a wide city with its giant and attractive structures, abundance and productivity, infinite food and beverage founts and rivers."

This archaic city has been known to be Antep for centuries, which arose an admiration all around the world with its mind-blowing fortifications and unique heroism that took place during the Turkish War of Independence. Turkish Grand National Assembly entitled Antep due to its success and granted the title of "GAZİ" (Veteran Soldier) on February 8th, 1921 and the name of the city became "Gaziantep."

When it comes to Gaziantep, the cuisine comes to mind first. Although lahmacun and baklava appear on the forefront, Gaziantep cuisine is more than that. Therefore, Gaziantep Cuisine has taken its place in "Creative Cities Network" by UNESCO, which involves 47 provinces of 33 countries.

Gaziantep has a different place in our country not only with its history but also with the culture it maintains, and especially its cuisine culture that was awarded with 2015 National Destination of the Project of European Distinguished Destinations for "Local Gastronomy and Tourism" theme.

Gaziantep is meant for you if you imagine an exploration in which you will be fully satisfied with culture, history and zest, through such easy transportation with buses and airplanes without harsh climate conditions.


Points of Interest

Indeed, an interesting city Gaziantep is. It’s modern, totally new illuminated roads blend with the streets breaking away from the pages of history. It also harbours modern shopping malls in addition to old public houses and bazaars that still subsist in Gaziantep.

It will be fair to define Gaziantep as the “city of museums.”  Zeugma Museum has worldwide famous mosaics; Gaziantep Archaeology Museum displays the fossils in the region and archaeological artefacts; Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum presents the traditional lives of people of Antep via lively models; Gaziantep War Museum describes the struggle of people of Gaziantep during Turkish War of Independence; Museum of Defence of Gaziantep and Panorama of Heroism; Emine Göğüş Cuisine Museum introduces cuisine culture of Gaziantep; Saklı Konak Copper Artefacts Museum is the first museum of Turkey and is consists a special collection; Yaşayan Müze Tarihi Gümrük Hanı (Living Museum of Live Customshouse) displays obsolescent handcrafts made and sold; Bayazhan Provincial Museum makes its visitors experience the culture of Gaziantep; Medusa Glass Works of Art Museum is the first special glass museum of Turkey; Museum of Mevlevihane Foundation; Museum of History Gaziantep Culture and Yesemek Outdoor Museum involve sculpted and half-sculpted giant statues, and famous stone workshops of Hittites... Get ready for a journey in Gaziantep from the past to the present...

A Castle and an old city bearing the traces of the Silk Road, inns, mosques, kastels(fountains), Turkish baths, mansions, covered Turkish bazaars and inns... Gaziantep proudly promises you a long list of "points of interest" to see during your travel, including archaeological sites such as DolicheYesemekTilmenZeugma and Karkamış.