Ravanda Castle

Ravanda Castle watching Mesopotamia on a hill over a wide horizon, is 28 km away from the city center.

The structure is written as er-Ravendan in Islamic sources; as Ravendel, Ravandal and Ravenel in chronicles of the Crusades; and as Areventan in Armenian records but there is not any exact information about when it was built.

Only İçkale remained from Ravanda Castle until today. Chapel, cistern and bushes in the castle are remarkable. A century old plane trees around Ravanda Castle still stand as a proof that they have been there for eras.

Ravanda Women’s Association

You can also support one of the most important social responsibility projects of the region if you visit Kilis. Ravanda Women’s Association that was established within the scope of Ravanda Basin Rural Development Project, activities are still organized for improving animal husbandry, agriculture, and infrastructure activities in the basin villages; and on developing education and organization; and the products such as olive oil soups, a blend of powdered thyme for breakfast, olive oil, dried tomato, fermented grape juice produced in the villages are sold by after being processed. Furthermore; soap workshops, cooperatives and stores in Gökmusa Villages allow for buying the products produced with natural methods, and visiting the best villages of the region.