Sason is one of the most secluded places of the ‘Fertile Soils’. It has a moist, wild and mountainous geography. The majestic Mt. Mereto with an elevation of 2,821 metres is a sacred mountain for the region. “May Mt. Mereto smite you” is a very popular expression among the people.

Sason is the place where Arabic language spread to its northernmost reach in the world.

Sason derives all its income from tobacco, and was popular with its tobacco once upon a time, which now comes to the forefront with its products such as honey and strawberry.

Sason is also very appropriate place for trekking, nature walks and amateur fishing. The cleanest and curative thermal springs of the region are located at the junction between Sason and Batman.

Sason Canyon

It includes numberless beauties and mysteries within its rough geography and steep mountains of Sason. "Zograt" Canyon Valley is one of such beauties in Sason Gürgenli region. Amazing view of the canyon in Sason is really worth to see.

Furthermore, large and small canyon valleys in Yücebağ, Şarttake, Halkis, and Mereto regions are also waiting to be discovered.

Legend of Sason

The orange colour between the mountains from Taurus Mountains to Zagros Mountains dazzles the eyes. It is a "weeping bride" for some people, a "bloom of gloom" for some, or a "weeping tulip" for some since it has a flowing water from its centre every morning. It is known to be a sacred flower both by Muslims and Christians since it symbolizes a crucified Jesus Christ…

People who learn the fact that the tulips are cultivated reversely, firstly get surprised, then they climb the mountains to see the tulips. Dozens of legends are narrated about the reverse tulips that protect the patterns of all the culture of their leaves.


The villagers who live in hillsides of Helkis Mountain tell a legend about the reverse tulips.  This legend is the love story of Shepherd İbrahim, a Muslim youngster, and Besna, a beautiful Armenian girl.

İbrahim who lived in Kelhasan Village, spent his life by working as a shepherd between Mereto and Helkıs mountains. Shepherd İbrahim attached the necessary importance to his job since animal husbandry was the only means of livelihood of the family. He would feed his flocks in a sheepfold in Kelhasan which is his own village, and herd his sheep in Vartanuz that is an Armenian green village in spring.  Shepherd İbrahim would spend more of his time in Vartanuz Village that had wider forages than his own village.

Adran Agha, who was the rich merchant of Vartanuz Village, had a very beautiful daughter. The girl was so beautiful that people who see her would be deeply impressed. The name of this girl was Besna. Seta Hatun who was the mother of Besna, was a lady who dedicated herself to the service of her husband and children.

İbrahim as the shepherd of the village became so happy when he saw Besna near the fountain, and he realized that he fell in love with Besna. Besna also fell in love with this brave and handsome Shepherd İbrahim. Shepherd İbrahim and Besna would come together secretly and their love grew day by day.

Besna hated to get water from the fountain of the village in the past but after she fell in love with İbrahim, she started be willing to see İbrahim and went to the fountain of the village to get water. They rambled around the prairies and hills together and filled the jug with water and went back home in evening. Vartanuz Village became a colourful village with various kinds of flowers and fascinated people with its scents in the spring. These two valentines watched this landscape admiringly and resented to the elapsing time.

By the time of winter, lightly blowing winds were precursors of her separation with İbrahim. Besna gave İbrahim the beautiful tulip bulbs that blossomed in her village to make him remember her, and wanted him to plant them in his own village. İbrahim planted these tulip bulbs on the hillsides of high rocks of Kelhasan Village in order not to let no one harm them. He took good care of the tulips and inhaled the scent of Besna from the tulips. This love continued for years like that and the tulip garden of İbrahim became even more fascinating every passing day.

Shepherd İbrahim decided to ask Besna’s hand in marriage in order to terminate the crave. However, this was not an easy decision. He encountered serious rejection from his family when he declared the truth. İbrahim's family accepted his decision of getting married with Besna, on the condition that Besna would convert to Islam.

Shepherd İbrahim wended his way excitedly to Vartanuz in spring with his flock and told Besna the circumstances. Besna accepted to become a Muslim and informed her family about that. Her mother burst into tears and told her daughter that this marriage cannot happen because of their beliefs. Then Besna went hungry due to the sadness. Seta Hatun informed Adran Agha about what was happening. Her father became mad and stated that converting to Islam was not acceptable and they could not let their daughter to get married with someone from another religion.

Adran Agha did not let his daughter to talk with Shepherd İbrahim or to even get out of her room. Seta Hatun informed İbrahim about what had occurred. Then, İbrahim decided to kidnap Besna. After he kidnapped Besna from her home, he made a rough journey back to his village.

Seta Hatun realized that Besna was not in her room in early morning and alarmed her family with a dazzling screech. Vartanuz Community started to look for the beautiful Besna everywhere under the leadership of Adran Agha. Their search was pointless; the girl was kidnapped.

Besna converted to become Muslim in Kelhasan Village and got married with İbrahim through an imam marriage. In that way, the first step was taken that would cause irrecoverable wounds between the families. Adran Agha took his gun and went to Kelhasan that was the village of İbrahim. When he arrived at the village, the relatives of İbrahim begged Adran Agha to not make the couple break up. However, they could not prevent him. Adran Agha said he would not go anywhere without taking his daughter.

The two valentines, realizing the importance of the circumstances, climbed to the sharp and beaked rocks of Kelhasan. Besna and İbrahim held hands and took a leap down the spiky rocks. Their bodies fell into pieces onto the tulip garden planted by İbrahim, and garden turned into a blood bath.

The situation was an event that astonished people who witnessed it: Beautiful tulips wilted and started to shed tear onto the blood of the two valentines. The flower of Besna and İbrahim who died for their love, has been called the "reverse tulip" that cried desperately. On high rocks of Sason, with coming of each spring, it reminds people of this immortal love by emitting a bad scent.