Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma Mosaic Museum is the largest mosaic museum of the world in which a total of 700 square meters of mosaics are exhibited in 7075 square meters of exhibition halls, in 30.000 square meters of closed area, which was opened in Gaziantep on 9th of September, 2011.

There is a statue of the God of War Mars dating back to 100 A.D. in the basement floor and there are mosaics found in the villas nearby Euphrates are in the entrance floor of Zeugma Mosaic Museum. Twin villas of Poseidon and Euphrates, mosaics, wall paintings, fountains, pillars and walls revealed in the excavations, are exhibited in their original positions and in the sizes as they were found in the excavations.

The mysterious room on the second floor that is designed in labyrinth shape, brings innocent glance of famous 'Gypsy Girl' to the foreground. Missing parts of 2000-year old mosaics are complemented by means of laser system in the museum.