Olive Groves - Olive Oil Factories

Kilis is the city in which the olives are cultivated at the highest elevation (900-1000 meters). Olive Groves are heavily cultivated in Kilis Plain, in its around, and in bitty plains between Afrin and Sabun waters.

Apart from a part of olives obtained in Kilis for breakfast, all of them are used for oil extraction. Olive playing an important role in human life with its fruit, oil, seed, bough and leaf from very old ages, is very important for Kilis. Kilis oil that is famous for its fine crust, small seed and pretty high oil rate, encouraged the residents of the region to produce olive oil with this quality.

Classical manufacturing plants that are called as "Mahsere" have also been the elements of this production culture. There are a couple of classical olive oil production places in Kilis whereas there are places producing olive oil by modern methods that are generally called as pressing.

Soap production is also an improving field as well as olive oil production in Kilis. It is possible to see soap production workshops in almost everywhere in Kilis.

By the way, let us remind you that you need to see the recently restored version of the old soup production building that remained from Ottoman period. The ground floor of the soap production building is used as soap production museum, the first floor is used as multipurpose meeting, exhibition hall or dining organizations.