Diyarbakir 2-Day Trip Route

In addition to the first day's Surici route, this route is a route that requires a walk around the Diyarbakir Walls, which is the second longest city wall structure in the world after the Great Wall of China. Diyarbakir Walls were declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2015. It has been preserved from the 4th century BC, the period in which it was built, to the present day and has reached in a very solid state. Diyarbakir Walls is a structure that has always managed to survive in the Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Turkish-Islamic, Seljuk and Ottoman periods and has reached the present day. The total length of the walls is 5.5 km, and 82 bastions and the walls are connected to each other. The most famous of these are Evli Beden (Ulu Beyden), Yedi Kardes and Keci (Kici) bastions. The bastions contain wards, cellars, cisterns and warehouses. There are inscriptions belonging to various states from the Romans to the Ottomans on the walls of the Outer Castle and the Inner Castle. It is a route that will take you around 2000 years of history.

2 Days
-Diyarbakir Surici
-Diyarbakir Walls
-Hevsel Gardens
What to eat and drink?
-Stuffed ribs
-Stuffed Meatballs
-Pomegranate Kebab
-Diyarbakir breakfast
-Burma kadaif
-Milky baklawa
-Terebinth coffee
-Licorice juice
What to buy?
-Butter bread
-Diyarbakir bread
-Burma kadaif
-Braided cheese
-Kufiyah scarf
-Diyarbakir straw
-Silk scarf
Must Do
-Enjoy Tigris and Hevsel Gardens view from Keci Burcu
-Do not leave without seeing the epigraphies on the bastions