Mardin 2-Day Trip Route

In addition to the city route along the 1st Street in Old Mardin, the second day is a route that starts in the city of Mardin and extends to the Deyr-ul Zaferan Monastery and the Ancient City of Dara. It starts in front of the Mardin Museum and goes down to the 2nd Street along the narrow Mardin streets. On this route, Artuklu Mosque, Latifiye Mosque and Emuneddin Mosque, one of the first social complexes of Anatolia, are important places to see and spend time at. The green courtyard of Emineddun Complex will provide you with a great relief in the heat of Mardin. The route can be continued by walking up to this point, after descending to the 2nd street, you can go to Deyr-ul Zaferan and from there to the ancient city of Dara by car. There is a fee for visiting Deyul Zaferan Monastery, and a guide service is provided and a narrative presentation is made. The monastery has a very nice souvenir shop and cafe. Again in the ancient city of Dara, there are places in the village where you can drink tea and yoghurt drink under the gazebo. Do not forget to go down to the cistern in the village in the ancient city of Dara.

2 Days
-Kasimiye Medresesi
-Old Mardin
-Mor Hananyo Monastery
-Dara Ancient City
What to eat and drink?
-Mardin dish
-Stuffed ribs
-Stuffed Meatballs
-Rido Kebab
-Syriac cookie
What to buy?
-Bittim soap
-Flavoured coffee
-Blue almond toffee
-Roasted chickpeas
-Silver jewelries
-Basilisk eikons
-Syriac cookie
Must Do
-Drink tea at Latifiye Mosque’s yard
-See the garden of Emineddin Complex
-See the sun temple at Mor Hananyo Monastery
-Drink tea, eat Syriac cookie at Mor Hananyo Monastery
-Descend into the cistern at Dara Ancient City