Diyarbakir 3-Day Trip Route

After two days spent in the city with urban routes, it is a very beautiful route full of history, culture and gastronomy outside the city. The first destination of the route is Devegecidi Bridge, which is an Artuqid Bridge. It is about 350-400 meters to the left of the main road. Egil Prophet Tombs, on the other hand, is a very impressive place with its landscaping and its position overlooking the Tigris River. It is possible to take a walk by the graves, watch the view of the Tigris, watch the Assyrian King Tombs from above, and have a picnic in specially designated areas. The next destination is Egil Castle. The castle, which is built on a very steep hill full of cliffs, can be reached by walking. There is an Assyrian relief and a cuneiform inscription at the top of the descent to the edge of the dam. Then it goes down to the edge of the dam lake. There are places to eat and drink and boats that take you to the Assyrian King's Tombs and tours along the dam lagoon. The next stop after Egil is Ergani. Especially cartlak (liver) kebab and yoghurt drink are famous. Hilar Caves from Ergani and Cayonu Ruins just behind the hill where the caves are located are other places to visit. Cayonu is one of the oldest settlements in the history of civilization, and it is the first place where people switched from round-based building type to rectangular-based building type. Robert J. Braidwood, the archaeologist who inspired the Indiana Jones films, and Prof. Dr. Halet Camlibel excavated this mound in the 1960s. Excavations continue in the mound. When visited during the excavation period, very detailed information can be obtained from the excavation team.

3 Days
-Diyarbakir City Center
-Devegecidi Bridge
-Egil Prophet Tombs
-Egil Castle
-Assyrian King Tombs
-Hilar Cave
-Cayonu Mound
What to eat and drink?
-Shabout fish and kebab varieties nearby Tigris at Egil
-Liver kebab at Ergani
-Roasted meat and yoghurt drink at Ergani
-Eggplant meftune at Ergani
-Kebab varieties at Hilar Caves
What to buy?
-Straw wristband (Ergani)
-Clog and drawers with silver engravings (Ergani)
-Handcrafted carpet and rug (Ergani)
Must Do
-Take a photo of Devegecidi Bridge
-Take a boat tour to Assyrian King Tombs
-See the Assyrian relief and epigraphy at Egil Castle
-Enjoy roasted meat and yoghurt drink at Ergani
-Visit Cayonu, one of the oldest ancient settlements of civilization history