Gaziantep 3-Day Trip Route

Gaziantep city center is the history, nature and gastronomy route that can be made on the 3rd day after the Euphrates route. The first destination of the route is a 4000-year-old settlement located on the ancient roads connecting Syria to Anatolia in the middle of the Islahiye lowland. It is also very suitable for bird watching as it is surrounded by swamps. The next stop of the route is Yesemek Open Air Museum. Yesemek is the largest known sculpture workshop in the ancient Near East. The quarry was first used in the Hittite Empire period (15-12th century BC) and later in the Late Hittite period (9-8th century BC) by the Sam'al Kingdom. Traces of the quarry where the rocks were extracted can still be seen in the upper part of the hill. Although the number of statues exceeds 300, it is believed that many more are under the ground. The last destination of the route is Ravanda Castle, which is a medieval castle. Precise information about Ravanda Castle, which is within the borders of Kilis province, are based on XI. century and the Crusades of these years. Islamic and Latin sources mention the existence of the castle for the first time during the Crusades. The castle, which is referred to as "er-Ravendan" in Islamic sources, "Ravendel/Ravandal/Ravenel" in Crusader sources, and "Aréventan" in Armenian sources, has been used by all states that dominated the region in the historical process. Ravanda Castle has been mentioned quite often since 1097. Participating in the First Crusade, Baudouin de Boulagne helped it became prominent and famous. When you continue on the road from the castle, there are two monumental plane trees in Belenozu where you can stop and take a rest in the shade. As you continue on your way, you can buy the products of the Ravanda Women's Association, which produces a variety of traditional and organic products in Gokmusa village.

3 Days
-Gaziantep City Center
-Zeugma Archaeological Site
-Ravanda Castle
What to eat and drink?
-Kilis Katmer
-Kilis Tawa
-Kilis Mumbar
-The Mud of Heaven Dessert
-Syrian Cousine
What to buy?
-Kilis duvet
-Kilis olive oil
-Antep dry grapes
Must Do
-Take a photo of Islahiye Lowland
-Observe and listen to the birds at Tilmen Mound
-Climb to the Ravanda Castle
-Visit the women of Ravanda at Gokmusa Village and their handcrafted goods