Sanliurfa 3-Day Trip Route

After the two-day Sanliurfa City Center route, it is the route that includes most of the Harran and Tek Tek Mountains National Park. Harran is an Assyrian name meaning the crossroads and was the last capital of the Assyrian Empire. You can see the ruins, observatory, madrasa, palace in Harran county center and visit the dome-roofed houses exclusive to Harran. A large bath structure was unearthed during the excavations carried out in 2015, and this bath has numerous interesting details. You can get on a camel in this historical city on the roads of trade caravans. Don't forget to drink mirra, an element of Arab culture, and listen to the story of mirra culture in Harran. The second destination of the route is the Bazda Caves, which were handmade by humans. This place was used as a quarry in the construction of the city of Harran, and the stones cut from here were transported to Harran and city walls, palaces, baths, mosques, and observatory to be built. The next destination is a caravanserai structure where caravans rest on a trade route. Han'el Barur is an Ayyubid caravanserai from the 12th century. Its name means "goat poop" in Arabic. The next destination of the route is the city of Shuayp (Jethro), a Roman settlement. It is believed that Prophet Shuayp is the dead father of Moses. No excavations have been carried out in the area. There are numerous cave settlements. The last destination of this route is Sogmatar village. Sogmatar means "very rainy" in Arabic. This is a pre-Christian Assyrian settlement on the hill and there are remains of a temple built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD and dedicated to the greatest god, Marilaha. The god Marilaha corresponds to Zeus in Greek mythology. This god is referred to as the moon god Sin in Harran, and as Be'elShamin in the city of Palmyra in Syria. In Sogmatar, there are reliefs and Syriac inscriptions in the cave inside the village and on the hill behind the village school.

3 Days
-Sanliurfa City Center
-Bazda Caves
-Han El Barur
-City of Suayip
What to eat and drink?
-Liver kebab
-Keme kebab (April-May)
-Eggplant kebab
-Urfa (plain) kebab
-Chicken and meat cubes with or without seasoning - Sillik
What to buy?
-Isot Pepper
-Plain oil
-Copper wares
-Loom Clothes
-Sheep Leather Fur/Vest
Must Do
-Visit Haraptar Village, where the movie Zugurt Aga was shot
-Drink mirra and get on a camel at Harran
-See inside of a traditional Harran house
-See the relief on top and epigraphy on the floor in Assyrian at Sogmatar