Diyarbakir 4-Day Trip Route

It is the history, archaeology, local experience and nature route that can be done on the 4th day in Diyarbakir, after two days in the city, one day in Egil and Ergani. The only place to stop and see on the way is Ceper Inn, the ruins of a Seljuk caravanserai. Birkleyn water is one of the branches of the Tigris River and is on the Diyarbakir - Bingol highway. The cave is about 300 meters from the main road. Assyrian Kings I. Tiglat Pilaser and Salmanassar came this far during their Northern Mesopotamian expeditions and had their reliefs and inscriptions made on the walls of these caves, indicating that the world came to an end because the Tigris River ended. It is recommended not to enter the cave, as the amount of water will be high in the spring. In summer, bring your shorts or swimsuit with you. If you want to go further into the cave, it is recommended to take a head lamp with you. There is another giant cave, which can be reached by climbing the rocks, about 300 meters above the place where the Birklyn water comes out. This cave, which can be entered about 300-350 meters, should also be seen. The region is also very rich in terms of bird and insect species. As an alternative to the Birkleyn route, the Silvan, Hassuni Caves and Malabadi Bridge route can also be preferred. In the city center of Silvan, Ustunler Mansion, Zembil Firos (Aslanli) Bastion and Karabehlul Mosque can be seen. The story of Zembil Firos is one of the stories that must be heard in Silvan. Continuing on the route, the Hassuni Caves and Malabadi Bridge, a magnificent Artuqid Bridge, can be seen. The arch span of the Malabadi Bridge period has the widest bridge feature. Evliya Celebi wrote in his travel book that the dome of Hagia Sophia could fit under the arch of the Malabadi Bridge.

4 Days
-Diyarbakir City Center
-Devegecidi Bridge
-Egil -Hilar Caves
-Cayonu Mound
-Ceper Inn
-Birkleyn Cave
-Hassuni Caves
-Malabadi Bridge
What to eat and drink?
-Have a picnic at Birkleyn
-Liver kebab at Silvan
What to buy?
Must Do
-See the end of the world at Birkleyn
-See the relief and epigraphy belonging to I. Tiglat Pilaser and Salmanassar
-Ascend to the upper cave at Birkleyn and go all the way