Mardin 5-Day Trip Route

It is a 5-day Mardin city route to which Nusaybin is added in addition to the first 4-day route. While traveling from Midyat to Nusaybin, Beyazsu, the only fresh water of the region, is one of the rare beauties that must be seen, gone into and eaten at. Ice-cold water allows you to cool off in the heat of Mesopotamia. In the city center of Nusaybin, the most important attraction point is Inanc Park. This is a park where mosques, delubrums and churches are located together. The Mor Yakup Monastery within the park is one of the most important historical monuments to be seen in Nusaybin. The person responsible for the monastery will both show you the monastery and inform you about its history and importance. Excavations continue in the monastery garden. Another important place to be seen in the city center is the house of Musa Anter, a Kurdish intellectual, which has been turned into a museum. On the other hand, Nusaybin is a city located at the zero point of the Syrian border. Ruins of the ancient city of Nisibis can be seen in the border area that separates Syria and Turkey.
Mor Evgin Monastery, which is 10 km away from Nusaybin city center, is in a fascinating place with its location and is a great place for photography. With its position dominating the entire Mesopotamian lowland, it is almost like Sumela of Mesopotamia. It is definitely a place to see and spend time at. It is also possible to visit this monastery in company with the officials.

5 Days
-Mardin City Center
-Mor Hananyo Monastery
-Dara Ancient City
-Kilit (Dereici)
-Mor Gabriel Monastery
-Mor Evgin Monastery
What to eat and drink?
-Roasted meat
What to buy?
-Traditional women clothes
Must Do
-Eat fish at Beyazsu
-Visit Faith Park
-Visit the house of Musa Anter
-See the Turkey-Syria border
-Visit Mor Evgin Monastery, known as the Soumela Monastery of Mesopotamia