On the Rail of of Noah - Pursuit of Spirit Route

In many historical sources and the Holy Quran, it is written that the ship settled on the Judi / Judi / Kardu mountains after Noah’s Flood. The place where the ship sits is named Sefine (ship). Until the 1980s, the Sefine region was visited every July of the year for worshipping. In July, a few people used to go to light a huge fire and announce that the visit to Sefine had started. Sefine is a place that can be seen from both the south (Silopi, Cizre, Iraq, etc.) and north (Sirnak, Uludere, etc.) of Sirnak (2030 meters of altitude). In order to meet the drinking water need of the people who come there, the snow that has not yet melted used to be filled into the cisterns there... Animals used to be sacrificed, people used to stay there for weeks and worship. The visitors include all the Muslims, Chaldeans, Nestorians, Jews, Assyrians, Armenians. There is a belief that you are considered a pilgrim when you visit the place, which is sacred to three monotheistic religions, 7 times. It is probably the oldest visiting tradition in the world..... Birlik (Cem'a) Village, known as the place where Noah's children gathered, Caglayan (Shah) Village, an important Assyrian settlement believed to be founded by Noah's son Sam, and Yogurtcular (Hestan-Semanin) Village, first built by Noah and 80 people with him, is waiting for you.