Reverse Tulip Culture and Nature Route

The inverted tulip, which grows at high altitudes, grows in late April and early May and offers a very beautiful visual feast. This route starts with Kasrik Pass, which divides Gabar and Cudi Mountains into two. Kasrik Pass has interesting structures with its geological formation. After Kasrik, you can taste Tahini made in historical water mills in Kumcati County and see how it is made. Afterwards, you can feel the highland atmosphere in the city center of Sirnak and have tea in the city center with its hospitable people and listen to the story of Sirnak. After Sirnak, and after you drink natural terebinth coffee in Balveren County and take a rest, you can see the Chaldean settlement Onbudak Village and Old Hilal Villages in Senoba with unique views. In addition, after Hilal, you can visit the Reverse Tulip Gardens, which grow at high altitudes in late April and early May and offer a very beautiful visual feast. Afterwards, the road divides into two (Uludere direction-Inceler direction). When you go to Uludere, you can get rid of all your stress with the sound of the waterfall coming out of the cave in Uzungecit, accompanied by a magnificent view on the narrow roads like a snake from Tanin Tanin Mountain. Afterwards, you can cross the deep canyons and visit Cevizagac (Geznex) Village, which is connected to Beytussebap and where the Chaldeans live. When you go to Inceler Village, you can cool off in Ewil Canyon and then visit the historical Nestorian Churches (Geramon-Helamun) in the historical Andac Village (Helamun). The last destination of this route is Farasin Highland, where you can spend at least 2 days and set up a camping tent. Here you will find freedom and peace between the highland and the stars. You will admire the unique beauty of Calyan Lake at an altitude of 2900 meters, and moreover, you will witness the life of the Kocers.