Gaziantep City Tour

This route, namely the Culture Route, covers all the history, culture and shopping spots in Gaziantep city center, allows you to take lots of photos, tour the historical streets of Antep, shop in its inns, make small talk with the local people, where you can live to the marrow. The Culture Route, which starts from Antep Castle, continues with historical bazaars and inns, ends with Sehrekustu mansions to Kastels and finally at Sahinbey National Struggle Museum, offers its guests a great cultural feast. After the National Struggle Museum, you can go to Bey Neighbourhood, either by car or walking. If you have time, in addition to this route, Gaziantep Panorama Museum, Islamic Science History Museum and Zeugma Mosaic Museum can be visited.

Duration: 1 Day
-Old Antep
-Bey Neighbourhood
-Zeugma Mosaic Museum
What to eat and drink?
-Alinazik Kebab
-Loquat Kebab
-Antep lahmajun
-Simit Asi
-Chickpea Wrap
-Simit Kebab
What to buy?
-Copper wares
-Silver jewelries
-Kutnu Fabric
-Various Spices
-Olive and olive oil in fall
-Dried Vegetables
Must Do
-Drink coffee at Tahmis
-See the colorful kerchiefs
-Eat baklawa
-Take photos in the historical bazaar
-Try katmer, chickpea wrap or beyran soup at the breakfast
-Drink Ottoman Dibek Coffee at Gumruk Inn
-Take photos at Bey Neighbourhood Eski Sinema Street
-Make your own perfume at Museum of Islamic Science History