Anabasis-The Return of Tens of Thousands Walking Route

Our route, which is named after Xenophon’s book Anabasis (translated in Turkish as The Return of the Tens of Thousands), offers you the unique beauties of the Tigris River and Gabar Mountain slopes, one of the places where the Hellenes had the most difficulty. This route consists of 4 different stages. In the first stage, you will discover the place where you can watch the unique view of the Tigris while walking to the Churches Mountain in Gabar Mountain from the side of the Tigris River and visiting the Churches in the two villages. In the second stage, you can visit the ruins of Finik and see the Finik castle, cave houses, cisterns and aqueducts, which are known to have been built during the Parthian period, and then you can see the madrasa and old settlements of Feqiye Teyran, the master of birds and nature. In the third stage of our route, we visit an old settlement, formerly known as Zêwê, where life is established in the caves. You can visit the old settlements of Kirkagac and Binat and the Old Inn by walking among olive, plane and walnut trees after seeing the traces of life in the multi-storey cave structures and a place of worship in Olya Seyxa in Kirkagac Valley, which will give you relief from this historical settlement. On the last stage of our route, you will arrive in Findik, the land where Seyid Aliye Findiki, one of the important scholars, was born on the historical Aqaba Trade Road, which is known to have been built in the Assyrian period. Do not forget to listen to the life of Seyid Aliye Findiki, listen to a few lines from his Divan and feed your heart.