Kilis City Tour

This is a one-day route and it includes the attraction centers of Kilis city center and its surroundings. With the outbreak of the Syrian War, Kilis has turned into a city where more Syrians live than its own locals. For this reason, you have the chance to experience many details about Aleppo without going to Aleppo. Located on the left side of the road at the entrance of the city, Oylum Hoyuk is ancient Kilis and its excavations are still continuing. Here you can see the basilica with mosaics. The city center, on the other hand, offers a visually rich walking route where you can see delubrums, mosques, baths, mansions, old narrow streets, traditional olive oil squeezing workshops and the museum. Just outside the city, Kuru Kastel is a must-see frequent destination which you need to say "I have been there, too". This is the place, namely kuru kastel, mentioned in the famous Kilis folk song “Karanfil Deste Gider”. Kastel means fountain. Another frequent destination nearby Kilis is Ravanda Castle, which is a medieval castle. The castle, which was established at a point dominating the caravan routes between Northern Syria and Anatolia in the Middle Ages, was under the rule of Urfa County for a while during the Crusades. Belenozu Memorial Trees, located just ahead of the castle, are one of the rare places where you can cool off in Kilis heat. You can find a wide variety of souvenirs, handcrafted by women, entirely handmade by the Ravanda Women's Association, which operates in these basin villages, in its office in Omerli Village.

Category: City
Duration: 1 Day
-Oylum Hoyuk
-Kilis Historical City Center
-Ashabi Kiram Sheikh Muhammed Bedevi Delubrum
-Ravanda Castle
What to eat and drink?
-Kilis Tawa
-Kilis Katmer
-The Mud of Heaven Dessert
-Kerebic -Halep pastry
-Syrian Cousine
What to buy?
-Olive Oil
-Kilis dry grapes
Must Do
-See Kuru Kastel
-Eat Kilis Tawa
-See Akinci Mansion
-Buy souvenirs handcrafted by women from Ravanda
-Visit Hammam Restaurant