Siirt City Tour

The history of Siirt, which was founded at the intersection of Upper Mesopotamian and Anatolian civilizations, dates back to 12 thousand years ago, to the beginning of the Neolithic period.
Siirt has a very old history in terms of heritage. As a result of the archaeological surveys, excavations and other scientific researches carried out in Siirt, being founded at the intersection of the Upper Mesopotamian and Anatolian civilizations, the history of Siirt dates back to 12.000 years ago, which is the beginning of the Neolithic Age, and it has been determined that settlements were seen in the Chalcolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. With its natural beauties, historical artifacts, the treasure of the Southeast, which is worth seeing and waiting to be discovered, where His Holiness the Prophet Lover Veysel Karani, His Holiness Ismail Fakirullah, His Holiness the Companian Abdullah Bin Avf who is heralded with heaven, His Holiness Muhammad Bin Hanife, who is declared as one of the children of Ali, His Holiness Ibrahim Hakki, His Holiness Sultan Memduh, His Holiness Sheikh Muhammed Al-Hazin and many friends of God live.
Veysel Karani, who became the symbol of love of mom and trueness, worthy of the praise of our prophet Muhammad, is one of the proud personalities of our province. Ali's son, Muhammad Bin Hanife, a former resident of Baykan county’s Ziyaret town, one of the ten lucky people who were heralded with heaven while they were still alive, Abdurrahman Bin Avf., and thousands more are among the holy people who are the cornerstones of the spiritual map of our city. It is a fact that our city will get the share it deserves in terms of faith tourism, which has an important place in the tourism activity in our country today, if proper presentation of these individuals is made.
In addition to these, Cumhuriyet Mosque in the city center, His Holiness Sheikh-El Naccar Delubrum, Ayn Salip Fountain, Sheikh Ebul Vefa Delubrum, Pinarca Tumulus, Bakir Mound, Sheikh Musa Delubrum, Inn, Castle, Mint ruins and our local houses.
In our Tillo County, Zemzemul Hasya Delubrum and Cilehane, His Holiness Sultan Memduh Delubrum, His Holiness Sheikh Hamza El Kebir, His Holiness Sheikh Mujahid, Fersaf Village His Holiness Sheikh Muhammed El Hazin Delubrum, Catili Village Sheikh Said Delubrum, Solhan Castle in Baykan County, Adakale Village Cemetery and Castle, Carpiran Bridge, Seyh Osman Delubrum and Derzin Castle.
The 14-century-old delubrum in Veysel Karani town which is located in 8 km. southwest to our city’s Baykan County, constitutes an important potential for Faith Tourism.
Veysel Karani County, which is connected to the Baykan county of Siirt and where the Veysel Karani Delubrum is located, aims to become a faith tourism center with the Urban Transformation Project, Women's Life Center, library and superstructure works. Veysel Karani Delubrum, where the Delubrum of His Holiness Veysel Karani, a ssymbol of love of mom and trueness, worthy of the praise of our prophet Muhammad, is located, attracts great attention from the visitors who come to the region with the renovation works and the visiting area established around it. Veysel Karani Delubrum and Complex is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year.
Every year, on the Mother's Day at the second week of May, the "Commemoration of His Holiness Veysel Karani and Mother's Day" event is held.
In the Tillo County, where the delubrum of the great religious and astronomy scholar His Holiness Ibrahim Hakki is located, studies have been initiated by our Governor's Office to transfer the services of Ibrahim Hakki in the fields of positive sciences to future generations, as well as the studies on faith tourism.
In addition to the construction of suitable places for the people visiting our Tillo County to stay, actions are being taken to bring our county to tourism in general, taking into account the preservation of the residential texture of our county, which has local architectural features.
Delubrum models of İsmail Fakirullah, His Holiness Ibrahim Hakki and His Holiness Veysel Karani were placed in Miniaturk in Istanbul in 2013 by our Governor's Office and presented to the visitors.
A new place has been created in the Hassa Hatun area of the county, where the guests who will visit the delubrum can take a rest. After these works carried out in Hassa Hatun area, a revival in faith tourism was observed in the county.
In order to attract more visitors to the Tillo county of Siirt, 3 million Euros of support was provided for the improvement of the tourism infrastructure.
“TILLO SUN EVENT SCIENCE AND CULTURE DAYS” events are held between 21-23 September every year under the auspices of our Siirt Governorship. In 2015, the setup made by His Holiness Ibrahim Hakki in the Tillo County of Siirt to illuminate the bedside of his teacher Ismail Fakirullah with the words "What should I do with the sun that does not rise on my teacher's bedside" was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2015. The first rays of the sun, which rises on the equinoxes, which are March 21 and September 23 every year, illuminate the bedside of his teacher, with the light setup that His Holiness Ibrahim Hakki had his teacher, Ismail Fakirullah, built in his delubrum after his death.
The exact date of construction of the Great Mosque is not known. It is only known that it was repaired in 1129 by the Seljuk Sultan Muguziddin Mahmut Pasha. Also, additions were made by El Mucahit Ishak, the judge of Cizre, in 1260. Since the minbar of this mosque is a work of art, it is exhibited in the Ankara Ethnography Museum.
Carrying the deep traces of different cultures and civilizations, Siirt is a city having an important culinary culture of our country as well as its unique natural beauties. In Siirt, which has a very rich cuisine, especially the dishes made with meat, vegetables, legumes, tomatoes and tomato paste are at the forefront.
Siirt has unique dishes and flavors due to its geographical conditions. Wedding pilaf and biran kebab are our registered dishes that come to mind first when Siirt regional dishes are mentioned. In addition to these, Siirt Meatballs (Kitel), Bumbar (Cokat), Yoghurt Meatballs (Kiftel Leben), Garlic Meatballs (Kitel Fum), desserts with molasses such as Varak Keêk, Aside, Rayosu Meketip, Imcerket are other tastes of Siirt.
Ras'il Hacar, where the Botan Valley is best viewed, is also one of the must-see places. The valley where the Botan Creek flows and which also has been the subject of many folk songs, winks at nature lovers as an excellent option for rafting and paragliding. The Glass Observation Terrace on Kal'atul Ustad Hill, a hill overlooking the Tillo County nearby the Botan Creek, promises a unique Botan Valley view.
Siirt, located at the intersection of Anatolian and Mesopotamian civilizations, which has left its mark on the history of world civilizations and shaped the world history is worth seeing with its beautiful canyons, the Botan River, which has been the subject of songs and legends with its beauty, its mysterious caves, its cure-all thermal springs and honey, and the scientists and spirituality it hosts in its bosom. Our city is capable of hosting all kinds of tourism activities with its highlands and inverted tulip, one of the rare endemic plants that grow in its fertile lands. We hope that the studies initiated in terms of highland tourism will blossom forth within the next years.
Gerre Inn Ormanardi Bridge, many castles, medreses and city ruins in our Eruh County.
The Mound, the Fortress of His Holiness Suleyman, the Cistern of Evciler Village, the Stone Tombs, the Garzan Castle, His Holiness Sheikh Salman Delubrum, the City Ruins of Erzen in our Kurtalan County.
In our Sirvan County, there are Kormas Castle, Irun Castle, Muhammed Ebu Hanife Delubrum, Sheikh Huseyin Delubrum, Church, Madrasa, Bridge Ruins and hundreds of cultural assets scattered throughout our city that we cannot name one by one. Our city has an important potential in terms of tourism. We believe that it is necessary to take advantage of this existing potential. We have a long road ahead of us, but it is a road full of roses and beauty. We are just at the beginning of this road.
Paragliding has been carried out in our city since 2001 in order to make our teenagers get into Mountain and Nature Sports.
Our people do paragliding for various reasons. Being a good pilot and participating in competitions, longing for flying, increasing self-confidence, overcoming the fear of heights, integrating better with nature, hobby, passion for aviation, and being able to do something new are among these reasons. Regardless of the purpose, the best way to practice and develop this sport safely is to learn new things on every flight.
In order to ensure that the flight activities are carried out safely, with the dissemination and development of Paragliding throughout the county, which contributes significantly to the promotion of Siirt in the cultural and sports fields, and the determination of new flight areas, "Paragliding Regulatory Board” is established.
We would like to introduce the magnificent canyon in the Botan Valley, which is the subject of folk songs, to the whole world, by drawing attention to the development of paragliding and the increase in flights every day in Siirt. We think that the paragliding activities carried out in Central Siirt, Deyr area have a positive effect on nature tourism in our province. Our priority in all flights to be made is to ensure that the flights are accident-free and safe.