It is possible to find traces of the entire history of faith, from ancient times to the present, from polytheistic religions to monotheistic religions, in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, a unique geography where religions were born, sheltered and spread. From Gobeklitepe, the very first temple in the world, to the temple site built on Mount Nemrut, which is considered sacred, from the unique monasteries of the Assyrians, the earliest community to accept Christianity, to Rumkale, which is said to be the place where the Bible was rewritten, you can thoroughly examine the spiritual search of mankind in this region.

In Şanlıurfa, journey into the world of beliefs of pre-agricultural societies at Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world, visit the Prophet Job's mausoleum, and remember Prophet Abraham in Balıklıgöl.

In Diyarbakır, one of the most important centers of the three Abrahamic religions, admire the reliefs on the black stones of the Great Mosque, rotate the revolving columns in the Mesudiye Madrasa, attend mass in the Church of the Virgin Mary, visit the tombs of the Prophets in Eğil, visit the Temple of Mithras in Zerzevan, and try to solve the enigmatic mystery of the 'cult of the skull' in the Skull Structure in Çayönü Mound.

In Adıyaman, watch the sunrise or sunset at the cult site of Mount Nemrut and visit the seat of Prophet Uzeyir.

In Gaziantep, enrich your spiritual world in the mausoleums of Prophet Joshua and Prophet Pirsefa, realize the underground temple in the ancient city of Doliche (Dülük), one of the important places belonging to the Mithras religion, and salute the monumental Rumkale, which cuts the Euphrates River.

In Mardin, visit the Kasımiye and Hatuniye madrasas, see the Great Mosque (Cami-i Kebir), Mardin's first mosque, witness the beauty of the Latifiye Mosque, and explore the Emminüddin Mosque, Anatolia's first complex. Visit the Church of Mor Jacob and Zeynel Abidin Mosque in the 'Garden of Religions' in Nusaybin, explore the Tur-Abdin region, including Midyat and its surroundings, attend morning mass at the Mor Gabriel Monastery, see the Deyrulzafaran Monastery, go to the Mor Evgin Monastery, see the historic village of Dereiçi (Kıllıt), where churches of three denominations are rare.

Visit the mausoleums and shrines of many Islamic scholars and Companions in Tillo, Siirt, and go to Veysel Karani Tomb in Baykan district.

In Batman, visit Zeynel Bey Tomb, Er-Rızk Mosque and take a deep breath at Mor Kiryakus Monastery.

Find peace in the Grand Mosque, one of the rare examples of stonemasonry in Kilis, and the Tekke Mosque, believed to be built by Mimar Sinan.

In Şırnak, visit the Great Mosque, Prophet Noah Mosque and Tomb, Mir Abdal Mosque, Abdaliye Madrasa and Mem-u Zin Tomb. Visit the tomb of Al-Jazari, the first mechanic scientist in history to work with automatic machines, in the courtyard of the Prophet Noah Mosque. Be sure to see the churches of Mor Dodo and Mor Yakup in the center of Idil.

Attend an Assyrian mass.


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