Batman Museum

Batman Museum that is one of the most significant museums of the region, has three showrooms as Neolithic Period Hall, Ilısu Hall and Hasankeyf Hall. There are approximately 500 works of art exhibited under a wide range of historical range since Palaeolithic Age to Medieval Age.

The most important work of art in the museum is Oyun Taşları (Game Stones) that were obtained in the graves at Southeast part of the hill town in 2011 and 2012 excavation seasons. “The Obelisk” from Gusir cairn, “Bronze Grave Gifts” from Başur cairn, and “God Bes” from Hasankeyf are among the most important artefacts displayed at the museum. 

You can watch the documentaries in the projection room of the showroom of the museum, regarding the excavations made related to Batman Museum. There is also a wealthy library composed of the books regarding the subjects such as archaeology, culture and history of art, and a laboratory in which the works of art obtained in the excavations are restored.

Batman Museum, presides seven museum rescue excavations that were accomplished in the hill towns that will remain under the waters of Ilısu Dam and located in Batman and Siirt provinces.

Museum Park Project, which is conducted by Batman Museum Directorate, is the first project of the region regarding its own field. In this project, it is aimed to enable the visitors to learn the history by living and practicing in the historical living space that has been established in the garden of the museum. 

 In the historical places; Ilısu Dam and house models from Güsir and Gre Amer that were digged in HES Project, inhumation traditions that are observed in Başur, Gre Amer, Kuriki hill towns, Başur Ruins Board Game Pieces, Hasankeyf Artuqid Gate, Hasankeyf Living Space revived the village examples belong to the recent period and village life.

Applied excavation sites have been composed in the Museum Park area in order to raise the awareness among all students ranging from primary school to high school about history, and to teach them how to make archaeological excavations. Applied archaeological excavations are made here in company with expert archaeologists.

Museum Park, aiming to children visitors, has been made a more enjoyable with short movies in which archaeological excavations are told and with various simulation areas.

These activities which are the first in Turkey in a museum, are waiting for servicing for all local and foreign visitors.