Famous for its bald ibis, Birecik is such a beautiful place with the attraction of Euphrates River and its natural and ancient structures.

The Birecik Bridge located in an adorable district, is the second longest bridge over a river. As soon as you arrive, Birecik welcomes you with the natural rocks at the riverside, where bald ibis produces, and an ancient castle dating back to very old times. Right by the Euphrates River, the magnificent image created with the reflection of the river will take you to the roots of the history.

The history of Birecik dates back to BC 2000. Bearing the traces of Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Byzantine and Arabic sovereignty, the city was under the sovereignty of Turks during the time of Seljuks. The name of the city is believed to come from ''Birtho''. Birtho means 'hill' in Arami language spoken by Assyrians. The fact that only one of the 12 bastions, the oldest structure of Birecik, still stands enhances the possibility that this castle was built on a rocky hill.

The external walls of the castle, Alaburç, Urfa Kapı, Meçan Kapı, Ulu Mosque, and Birecik Street embossments are some of the places that are worth seeing.

Birecik and the region surrounding it hosts an outstanding living space that is rarely found in the world. This region is one of the most important wetland areas of your country for the birds. Along the riverside, you can find Euphrates poplar and reed fields, unique to this region. You can also come across pallid scops owls in this area. The Euphrates River provides an environment for bird observers and photographers to witness various species of birds.  Remember you can also take a boat trip over the Euphrates River and get to see the birds even closer.

Thanks to the Bald ibis Production Station, the endangered bald ibis, which can only be found alongside the Euphrates and Morocco, are under protection.

Birecik is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique vacation with its ancient sites, natural beauties, and magnificent social life.