Der Yakup Monastery

Der Yakup Monastery that is located 4 km west of where Prophet Ayyub lies in Urfa city centre, is known as “Throne of Nemrut” or “Jinn Mill” among the people. There are remnants from the 1st century B.C. of the mausoleum on top of a mountain, built for the family members of Sheredu, who was the son of King of Eddessa, Abgar Manu. Edessa Kings are estimated to be in this grave chamber, whose entrances are on ground floor, consisting an arched arcosollium on south and east. Ground floor of the structure from the Pre-Christianity period was used as temple. It is thought that this temple was used as a monastery during the period of St. Jacob of Suruç, who rose up to Episcopate of Suruç, famos for his miracles and prophecies in 5th century A.D., and therefore is called Der Yakup (Monastery of Jacob). Syriacs called this region as Deyro D’Hafşotho (Monastery of the Spirits).

It is possible to reach the monastery in 2 hours on foot, where only a couple of remnants are available.