Eğil that is located nearby the coast of Tigris River, hosts both the tombs of prophets and graves of Assyrian Kings.

Three parts of Eğil Castle are surrounded with deep valleys, and it was placed on a solid rock, and it is thought that Eğil Castle was built during Assyrians period. Interior part of the castle, which was built on a very large area, is known to was used as shelter and storage. The rocks were carved, and it is possible to reach the Turkish bath, Tigris River bed nearby the valleys via 4 tunnels that are known and seen. There is a cuneiform inscription embossment of Assyrian King III on the western part of Eğil Castle. This embossment can easily be seen since it is just located on the road when daylight is convenient.

Assyrian King Rock Graves, which still stand for centuries by resisting against time, are on the coast of Tigris Dam. The graves of Kings are carved and they were turned into a shape similar to pyramid. There is a tunnel in east ground of the rock graves of Assyrian King. Tunnel is closed right now since it is partially full. It is possible to reach the castles and graves in the drainage basin of Eğil Dam.

There are tombs of important names in the district such as Prophet Elisha and Nebi Harun-i Asefi, Nebi Alak, Zenun, Danyal, Hürmüz who is the cousin of Prophet Elisha, cousin of Nebi Harun and his servant Ruyem whose names are mentioned in Quran. The tombs were transferred to the place where they exist right now, which is located in front of the castle, since it was going to remain under the waters of Tigris River. Some arrangements have been made by Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs around the graves.

Prophet Elisha was born in Palestine in 896 B.C.; became a Prophet in 866 B.C.; passed away in 821 B.C. in Eğil. Prophet Elisha displayed several miracles: such as making unusable water as usable, finding water and saving people in Edom desert in the war started against Edom King by Israel and Judah Kings, reviving dead people and healing leprous people, and terminating a period of famine.

Prophet Dhul-Kifl was born in 846 B.C.; became a Prophet in 821 B.C. at the age of 25; and passed away in 762 B.C. in Eğil. It is stated that his real name is Hazkıya, Hazkl, Ezekiel or Hazekel.

Some rumours state that the real name of Nebi Zünnun, who lived between 900 and 800 B.C. is Yunus; because the name of Prophet Yunus is mentioned in Quran as Zünnun.