Old Antep

Located in a place where Mesopotamia meets with Mediterranean Sea, Gaziantep still protects what it has protected for centuries today as well. You will find us right when you see Old Antep.

The houses in Antep are located adjacently just like a group of men standing shoulder to shoulder for years. It was necessary to use masonry material due to the fact that wood was very limited and quarries were abundant. Splinter, minaret rock, havarie stone and black stone were used as stone types. Stone masonry structures used to keep inside of the place cool in summer and hot in winter.

Narrowness of the streets and highness of the houses enable the streets to be kept under shadow forever. Thus, Ancient Antep streets are like a shelter against the summer's heat.

Do not be surprised when you frequently hear hammer sounds while walking in the streets of the old city. These sounds symbolize the resistance of a 1000-year of artisan city against time. Stone workers, hand-printed head scarf makers, coppersmiths... Antep preserves its old handcrafts just like preserving its old streets.

Inns, bedestens, markets... Resisting against time, all are still alive. Old and narrow streets of Gaziantep invite you for time travel.