Veysel Karani Place

Its full name is Üveys Bin Amir-i Karani. This important person who lived between 555 and 657, is remembered with the greatness of maternal love in the Islamic culture. Veysel Karani lost his father when he was 4 years old and he worked as camel shepherding in most of his life.

He lived in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) period but could not see the Prophet during his life.

Scholars of Prophet Muhammad's sayings, used the title of "Muhadramun" for the people who lived during Prophet Muhammad's period but could not see him.

Veysel Karani could not visit Prophet Muhammad since he was responsible for caring his old mother. According to a legend, at one occasion, he intended to visit him but had to come back due to the promise he gave to his mother. Upon the will of Prophet Muhammad, his mantle that he wore in the Ascension Day was delivered to Veysel Karani by means of ʿUmar ibn Al-Khattāb and Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Veysel Karani His Holiness fought in Sıffin War on Ali's side and fell martyr in 657. A heavy discussion arose when three considerable Arab tribes wanted to receive his body. It is said that the next day Veysel Karani was miraculously seen near the coffins that were carried by all three tribes. In this way, Ali had a tomb in Ziyaret town of Baykan district of Siirt province next to his other tombs in Yemen and Damascus. According to rumours, after a long time the body was carried to Siirt with a new tribe.

The Holy Mantle that was sent to him, is in Hırka-ı Şerif Mosque in İstanbul under the protection of his descendants.

An average of 1 million people annually visit Veysel Karani Place.